A single-species pantropical genus similar to Cyperus.

From: FNA: "Remirea is distinctive [differing from Cyperus] in possessing, among other features, thick, corky fertile internodes at maturity (which may be mistaken for the achene), rachillas of definite growth, leaf vascular bundles in multiple rows, culm epidermal cells radially elongated in transverse section, terminal spikelets present, C4 photosynthetic pathway, two fertile floral bracts."

Remirea maritima Aublet

Beach Star

Distribution: Around the world in hot climates.

Habitat: Beach dunes, upper edges of beaches.

Florida status: Apparently native, occasional in its habitat.

Recognition: Low maritime sedge with the rachis thick and corky.

photo by Judy Gersony taken at Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge