Kyllinga resembles Cyperus but has extremely flat spikes with 2-3 scales (vs. 5 or more scales in Cyperus).

1. Spikelets dome-shaped, not taller than broad...K. brevifolia (plants creeping)

1. Spikelets cylindric or thimble-shaped...2

2. Perennial. Spikelets white, slightly fragrant. Achenes white basally...K. odorata (plants cespitose or rhizomatous, and see note below concerning K. squamulata)

2. Annual. Spikes green. Achenes green...K. pumila

Note: Kyllinga squamulata Vahl is an introduced Asian species widespread in Florida and could readily turn up in our area. It resembles the native K. odorata by having cylindric thimble-shaped spikelets but is unique among our species by having a lacerate wing on the central nerve of the scales. Microscopic image of this detail below.