Cyperus planifolius Richard

Distribution: Southern U.S. to Mesoamerica

Habitat: Maritime, dunes and other seashore habitats

FL status: Native

Recognition: Similar to Cyperus ligularis:

1. Spikelets 3-7 mm long; spikes usually < 1.5 cm diam., inland or seashore…C. ligularis (Spikelets becoming brownish vs. remaining green in C. retorsus)

1. Spikelets 6-22 mm long; spikes > 1.5 cm diam., near seashore…C. planifolius

Cyperus planifolius might also be confused at a glance with Bolboschoenus robustus, which, however, has much thicker spikelets 6-10 mm in diameter (vs. 2-4 mm).