Cyperus lanceolatus Poir.

Distribution: Introduced weed scattered in Florida, mostly to the north of our area

Habitat: Weedy

FL status: Introduced

Recognition: 2 styles, the achene flat; spikelets > 2 mm wide; achene surface covered with elongate cells

Key to similar species

1. Achene much longer than wide; spikelets 1.3-1.6(2) mm wide…C. polystachyos (very common and highly variable, the spikelets extremely variable in length)

1. Achene ellipsoid or ovate; spikelets > 2 mm wide…2

2. Mature achene black or brown, the surface covered with elongate cells…C. flavescens

2. Mature achene brown, the surface covered with squarish cells…C lanceolatus