Introduction to the Grasses, Sedges, and Rushes of Palm Beach and Martin Counties, Florida

This web site is the “second edition” or our original site developed in 2007.  The old site in ancient software got too rickety to sustain.  In 2014 John transferred the site to Dreamweaver software, and we used the opportunity to re-edit, correct, and refine.

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Based at the Horticulture Department of Palm Beach State College ( in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, this project grew out of the mutual efforts of John Bradford, June Wilkinson, and George Rogers to learn the local grassish flora. 

Unless there is a specific reason to deviate, classification and nomenclature generally follow Flora of North America (printed version available on-line at, and with a "Grass Manual on the Web" []).  Also see annotation to Hitchcock citation below.

We have used:

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People Involved in this Project

John Bradford is an avid naturalist,  amateur taxonomist, and photographer. He is a volunteer with the Martin County Environmentally Sensitive Lands, co-authored with George Rogers a Guide to the Native Plants of Palm Beach County used for classes, and has contributed to the PBSC Manual of Cultivated Plants for South Florida. He is responsible for the best of the photography in the project, including all macrophotography and for color-enhanced pictures in the glossary.

George Rogers is Professor of Horticulture at Palm Beach State College. His interest in warm climate grasses extends back to a study of the grasses of Barbados with student Ayanda Holder (citation above).

June Wilkinson is a Horticulturist at Palm Beach State College, and founder of the college's Medicinal Plants Garden. She is a graduate of the University of Florida, and of the Horticulture Program at Palm Beach State College.

Various experts have helped at different points in time.  We are grateful to David Black, Larry Datnoff, Garrett Davidse, James Kimbrough, Anton Reznicek, S. Galen Smith, and Steve Woodmansee for expertise and generosity. Shirley Denton ( allowed us to use some of her photographs. Jonathan Dickinson State Park and Savannas Preserve State Park have hosted our grass research and workshops.


George and David Black at DuPuis


John and Beth Burger at DePuis