Eragrostis refracta (Muhl.) Scribn.

Taxonomic note: According to Wunderlin & Hansen, the name E. refracta is misapplied to E. virginica (Zuccagni) Steud. The authors of the present web site are not in a position to resolve confusion between these two names. Consistent with our general policy we have followed the Flora of North America somewhat arbitrarily and not out of taxonomic insight or conviction.

Natural range: Southeastern U.S.

Habitat: In diverse habitats, often moist

Florida status: Native

Recognition: Culm glabrous, shiny below nodes. Pulvini with long erect hairs. Blades 2-5 mm wide. Spikelets 4-18 mm long. Spikelets appressed to branchlets, with basipetal disarticulation, having persistent glumes. Anthers 2 (vs. 3 in E. spectabilis).