Andropogon floridanus Scribn.

Natural range: Georgia, Florida

Habitat: Scrub

Florida status: Native

Recognition: Leaves long (often >32 cm). Inflorescence branches usually abundant and crowded, (branches and/or peduncles long). Peduncles usually 20-50 mm. Spikelets 4-4.8 mm. Awn 5-15 mm. Anther usually 1 (vs. 3 in A. ternarius).

Andropogon ternarius is similar but has shorter leaves < 35 mm, sparse inflorescence units (easy to count vs. crowded), longer spikelets (4.5)5-8 mm, long awns 10-25 mm, and 3 anthers.

Andropogon gyrans is also similar but usually shorter (< 1 m) and has characteristically large inflated spathes.